Kenya Producers Coalition (KEPCO)


The Kenya Producers Coalition (KEPCO) is registered as a Trust with the Ministry of Lands under the laws of Kenya. It envisions a society where all small scale producers enjoy a life of dignity, social justice and development. While it’s mission is to facilitate and monitor the implementation of governance reforms in order to enhance the social and economic development of small scale producers.


The need to establish KEPCO arose from awareness forums on Economic Governance Programmes organized by the Center for Governance and Development (CGD) through the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


Prior to 1998 small scale farmers held regional meetings in the country and resolved to form a national stakeholders’ advocacy and lobbying forum to: advocate for effective national, regional and grass root mechanisms for making farming profitable to small scale producers; promote transparency in the budgetary process with regard to resource mobilization, allocation and utilization for agricultural sector services and to increase the participation of small scale producers in decision making processes at all levels.