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Are the publications free or sold at specific bookshops?

CGD has/does not sell its publications in any bookshop in the country. But, it distributes them free of charge equally.

One of the organizations objectives is to enhance knowledge and action to all the citizens regardless of his/her economic status. Therefore, this is achieved by distributing the publications at no cost to anyone.

How can one access publications of CGD?

The Centre produces reader-friendly publications; (in English & Kiswahili) on the governance and development issues.


CGD distributes them widely and equally nationally and especially in rural areas for informing people through workshops, meetings and any other event outside the established offices.


You can also access them through the CGD Website under the Download Centre section or get a copy at CGD offices.

To what extent has CGD assisted in strengthening the parliament as part of its programme?

The organisation provides the MPs with analyzed publications like Bills Digest that leads to rejection, withdrawal or redrafting and influences in the amendment of Parliamentary Bills in committee stage.


It also works closely with different parliamentary committees by empowering them to analyze legislations critically through meetings or in written.

What projects is CGD currently working on?

Mobilizing For Proper Resource Allocation and Utilization in the Agriculture Sector

The project aims at contributing to the promotion of the reforms in budget allocation and utilization in the agriculture sector.

National Taxpayers Association (NTA) initiative

Has a mission of supporting good governance in Kenya through effective citizen to government accountability, and citizen-to-citizen accountability; and envisioned in citizen-responsive government, delivering equitable, ethical, effective, and efficient public service to all Kenyans

Engendering the Provision of Agricultural and Livestock Extension Services in Kenya

Aims at contributing to the mainstreaming of gender in the agriculture sector; with a purpose of increasing gender sensitivity in the provision of agricultural and livestock extension services in Kenya.

The Coalition for Accountable Political Financing (CAPF) initiative

Visit the

Regional Integration Civil Society Network (RECINET)

This initiative monitors the status of NEPAD and promotes its advocacy-democratic governance in the East African Community; advocates and support the implementation of NEPAD’s African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM); and monitor the implementation of the protocols and treaty of the EAC especially in terms of their effectiveness and democratic content at both the national and sub-regional level.

Kenya Producers Coalition (KEPCO) initiative

1. The Sugar Campaign for Change (SUCAM) in the sugar industry

2. Ngombe na Mahindi (NGOMA) for the Maize/Dairy sub-sectors

3. Sauti ya Wafugaji (SAWA) for pastoralism

4. Matunda na Mboga (MAMBO) for horticulture

5. Fisher Folks Forum (FIFO) for the fishing industry

Enhancing Accountability in the Management of Devolved Funds through Citizen Participation and Oversight in Public Procurement

The goal of the project is to contribute to the promotion of accountable and transparent management of public resources in Kenya. Its purpose is to promote transparency and accountability in the procurement process of devolved funds.