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The strategic direction of CGD’s programmes has been designed to deal with the environmental and governance challenges across sectors at local, national and regional levels.

01. Training and Capacity Building

Build citizens’ capacity to identify where policy changes are needed through training and regular meetings.

02. Governance & Transparency

Create local community awareness and ownership of constitutional issues, its institutions and processes.

Environmental Democracy
Initiative (EDI)

The project seeks to promote civil society participation in environment and natural resource policy and law making and implementation processes through a number of strategies including research and analysis, capacity building, and lobbying and advocacy. Research and analysis will generate the knowledge and information civil society organizations need to participate whilst capacity building will equip them with the knowledge and skills to participate effectively.

Elections Observation
Group (ELOG)

ELOG was formally established in April 2010 after the conclusion and ratification of a Memorandum of Understanding by its founding members. The membership of the ELOG’s Steering Committee has grown from an original five members to the present eleven, comprising veteran election observation organizations in Kenya with expertise and experience in various aspects of the democratic processes in the country.

Kenya Producers Coalition

The Kenya Producers Coalition (KEPCO) is registered as a Trust with the Ministry of Lands under the laws of Kenya. It envisions a society where all small scale producers enjoy a life of dignity, social justice and development. While it’s mission is to facilitate and monitor the implementation of governance reforms in order to enhance the social and economic development of small scale producers.

National Taxpayers
Association (NTA)

The National Taxpayers Association (NTA) is an independent, non-partisan organization that promotes good governance in Kenya through citizen empowerment, enhancing public service delivery and partnership building. NTA does this through monitoring the management of public resources as well as building partnerships and developing the capacity of the partners.

Coalition for Accountable
Political Financing (CAPF)

Information will be updated soon.